Custom Woodworking, Cabinets, and Furniture

20605 County 118, Laporte, MN 56461 Phone: 218-760-7378

Now taking orders for custom woodworking!

Everything I create begins with quality materials with the intent of lasting a lifetime. The designs and materials are focused on aesthetic appeal that will continue to look that way for years to come. Imagine... no sagging shelves, separating laminates, or pealing vinyl finishes!

Looking for green options that help protect the environment? Then, don't consider cheap, assemble-it-yourself, vinyl-laminated particle board furniture. Unlike those options, I use quality materials and proven design and assembly techniques that will last. Instead of adding broken, sagging, and pealing furniture to a landfill, you'll enjoy my creations for a long time to come.

Office file and supply storage cabinet Buffet cabinet, in process
Reflection in bar top finish Library with pullout drawers and shelves
Entertainment center TV stand with electronics and media storage space
Assembled cabinet with doors and drawers Finished and installed cabinet