This site has a new purpose

Now that my business, Virtual Nexus Inc, has launched, this site is scheduled for a change.

I will be using this domain nearly exclusively as a test environment for new projects for myself and clients. While those pages will not be available to the general public, what will remain here are links to archived pages and items that have migrated to the Virtual Nexus site.

If you find you are sorely missing my ramblings about technology, you can always visit my blog, Alan's Corner.

Thanks to all who have visited and relied on this site for help and information over the years!


Virtual Nexus Inc updates, technology tips, and a few worthless ramblings...
Security Alerts
My security alerts have been moved to the Virtual Nexus site. Check them out!
A sampling of original graphics creation and manipulation using Photoshop
Help and Resources
Find help with coding, networking, and applications issues
Step by step walk-throughs for HTML page setup, CSS rounded corners, learn to display favicons, and more to come!